It took five instances in ONE DAY of seeing 'alot' in posts on the Internet. I had officially had enough of bad spelling and grammar that seems to replicate with the alien-like speed. This blog is my attempt to halt its progress! Feel free to submit any doozies you come across.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Everyone knows that when you are posting in an online forum, if you make a mistake you quickly follow up with another message with the correction preceded by a *.  For example, if I misspelled 'horse' as 'hearse', I'd quickly follow up with '*horse', to save myself unnecessary embarrassment.  Usually posters add a few exclamation marks and a LOL and perhaps a few LMFAOs to make it absolutely clear it was a boo-boo.  The poster below had the best intentions, I'm sure.  But if I were to give him/her a tip, it would be to check that your *correction is, in fact, correct.

Otherwise you'll look very silly!

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