It took five instances in ONE DAY of seeing 'alot' in posts on the Internet. I had officially had enough of bad spelling and grammar that seems to replicate with the alien-like speed. This blog is my attempt to halt its progress! Feel free to submit any doozies you come across.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lesson One: Punctuation Really Helps!

I really, think, that having, the proper punctuation in the right places, like, really, helps.  I don't know about you but when I read a post like this I picture a hippy, like, talking really slowly and pausing every word or two for effect.  I certainly don't picture anyone worth listening to.  A shame, because what the poster says isn't that bad.  Spelling I'll get to later!

Now this guy is yelling WITHOUT taking a breath.  It's a real hard slog reading through that, isn't it?  I'm sure it wouldn't seem half as irritating with some well placed commas and full stops.  Although that might further stuff up what we have.

I did think hard about posting this one.  No-one wants to have to read about such problems unless they are really motivated to.  But I just couldn't resist all those exclamation marks!  At the end of each sentence!  It's as if this mum is simply squealing with the joy of it all!  When we know she isn't really!  Someone should let her know that if she uses MORE THAN ONE exclamation mark everything seems much more urgent!!!!  Haha!!!  Geddit?

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